Renting a Home for the Holidays
Friday, December 9th 2016 8:32 am

Surrounding yourself with the love of good friends and family plays a huge role during the holiday season. Sometimes, in the case of larger families, this goal can be accomplished by renting a home base for the celebrations.

Finding the perfect holiday rental can take a bit of time and effort, so you may want to start your search early. Below are a few simple guidelines can cut the search time in half and allow for more family time during the season.

  1. The first place to start is figuring out where the family should meet and the dates that you would be needing the rental. Once these decisions have been made, find a local real estate professional that specializes in this area and is willing to work for you.
  2. While looking at your budget, make sure that you include the security deposit. Many Holiday Rentals ask for a large security deposit up-front. Take the time to know what is expected of you to get your deposit back at the end of the rental term.
  3. Take pictures of the rental on the first day of your arrival and share them with the owner of the property. This provides a document of any pre-existing damage. You don't want to lose your deposit due an issue that wasn't yours to begin with.
  4. Read the whole contract and know who is responsible for what. If any repairs are needed during the time that you and your family are there you want to know who to call and who's responsible. Make certain that you get a contact number, so any issues can be dealt with right away.
  5. Do a walk thru with the landlord before you hand him/her back the keys. This could buy you some to time to fix any problems that may be discovered and prevent any surprises when it's time to receive your deposit back.

Renting a Holiday home does not have to be stressful. With a little advanced planning and some knowledge you can prevent any National Lampoon disasters!

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