Find the Perfect Home for the Holidays
Friday, November 20th 2015 10:58 am

With the winter holidays just around the corner, now is the time to find that perfect holiday rental for the family to gather and celebrate. This is not as easy of a task as one might think. There are so many things to think of to make sure that you and your family is comfortable and stress free during this time. Finding the wrong rental can lead to a "Griswold Holiday". Don't let that happen to you!


One of the main things to look for in your Holiday Home is space. Will the home be big enough to house your whole family over the holidays? Are there enough bedrooms? Bathrooms? Is there a separate room for the kids to get away from the parents (and vice versa)? You want the family to be comfortable and not stepping on each others toes. If you plan on having a big holiday dinner you will also want to make sure that the appliances in the kitchen will suit your needs.

Make sure that the kitchen is stocked with items such as a meat thermometer, can opener, bottle opener, strainer, etc. Make a list of the things that you will require to cook a largemeal and compare it with the items that are in the rental home. If you know ahead of time there won't be any surprises.

Check the bathrooms and bedrooms and make sure that there are enough blankets, towels, pillows and sheets for everyone. This way if the rental is lacking,you can contact the owner and make sure that this stocked for enough people when you arrive.

It's not like you can bring these items on the plane with you.


It's nice to know if someone will be there to greet you when you arrive to go over some things with you. It is even nicer to know that someone will be there for you if something breaks or if the toilet backs up. Even if the owner is not around make sure that you get the information that you will need so that you will know who to call if there is some form of an emergency. Get a list from the owner of all the people that you can get in contact with if something goes wrong, such as an electrician, plumber and/or HVAC tech. If for no other reason obtain a list for piece of mind.

Ask for board games, deck of cards, magazines or puzzle books. Having some form of entertainment for the family is always important. The kids may want to have "kid time" and this is a great way for them to step away from the adults for awhile and do their own thing.


Read the contract up, down and backwards. Make sure that you read all the fine print and know up front what to expect. Questions like "What do I do if the Holiday Home does not live up to our expectations?" are very important. Do not sign anything unless it is perfect for you.


It is difficult to find out if a Holiday Home is perfect for you and the family without seeing it first. You could fly out to the destination in advance and check it out, but what if it turns out to be exactly what you are NOT looking for? You spend a few days in town finding the perfect house and then flying home, only to fly back come the holidays. There are many social media sites out there that can provide reviews for things such as this. Yelp, Angie's List and Trip Advisor to name a few. The reviews are written by people that have experience with this home/rental agency, They are the best people to ask. Read the reviews. This can help you make an informative decision.


Have the sheets been washed? Are there dirty dishes in the Dishwasher? You don't want to have to clean the place before you even unpack. Make sure that the house will be clean before you and your family arrive.

Following just a few of these tips can help insure that you and your family have the dream holiday that you deserve.

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